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Kate Dingwall



By day, I'm a seasoned writer and photographer
covering the intersection between spirits, wine, business, culture and travel.

By night I'm a working sommelier. I've spent the last ten years weaving together tales of terroir, place, people, and culture. My work currently appears in
Wine Enthusiast,, Food & Wine, MAXIM, Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants,, SevenFifty Daily, The Toronto Star, Toronto Life, InsideHook, Elle, The Vintner Project and more.

I'm also seasoned in branded content writing—current clients include Toronto Life, Chatelaine, Vogue, and Maxim—and happy to provide a portfolio on request. I'm always open to pitches, new commissions, or friendly hellos (dog pictures welcome)—drop me a line at


Wine Enthusiast: As Temperatures Rise, Winemakers Climb Higher

SevenFifty Daily: Why Winemakers are Battling Extreme Terroirs

Wine Enthusiast: What Gen Z Actually Thinks About Wine, According to Gen Z

Wine Enthusiast: A Generation of Women Is Taking Over Italian Wineries

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Wine Enthusiast: Are Wine Drinkers Ready for Paper, Aluminum and Other Alternative Packaging?

The Toronto Star: Consider the Indie Vintners of Quebec

Wine Enthusiast: ‘Hope is Not a Strategy’: Silicon Valley Bank Delivers  Hard Truths

Elle: Non-Alcoholic Wine is Here to Stay

Wine Enthusiast: Regenerative Certifications are Booming Right Now. Are They Worth It?

SOMM: How to Pair Wine with Spicy Food

InsideHook: We’re in the Golden Age of Boxed Wine (Seriously)

The Vintner Project: What Does California Chardonnay Even Mean?

SOMM: The Mystical and Mountainous Priorat Wine Region

SevenFifty Daily: Valle de Guadalupe’s Winemakers are Passing the Baton

Wine Enthusiast: Amidst Wildfires, White Pinot Noir Emerges as Savior 

InsideHook: The Strange Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Beaujolais Nouveau

Wine Enthusiast: Why Napa Green’s Glyphosate Ban is Such a Big Deal

The Vintner Project: This Historic California Grape is Getting a New Lease on Life

SOMM: Barolos and Blockchains: Fine Wine is Embracing Big Tech

InsideHook: These Lab-Grown Grapes Could Be the Future of American Wine


Cocktails, Beer, and Other Nice Drinks

Food & Wine: The Savory Cocktail is Dominating Menus

SevenFifty Daily: Why More Resorts are Investing in High-End Beverage Programs

Food & Wine: Brace Yourself for the Jell-O Shot Revolution Bartenders are Embracing Hard Seltzer

The Toronto Star: Toronto’s Latest Soft Drinks are Craft-Brewed and Local

Toronto Life: Toronto Bars are Giving Sangria a Glow Up

Food & Wine: Let’s Give Rum the Spotlight it Deserves

Toronto Life: What's on the Menu at Bar Compton The New Rules to Spicy Drinks

Food & Wine: These Gins Taste Just Like Canada (print!)

Alchemist: The Ever-Flowing Better

The Toronto Star: This Prince Edward County Cidery Making Forward-Thinking Ciders

Worth: Drinking Green Doesn’t Just Mean Chartreuse

Toronto Life: The City’s New Coffee Cocktails Offer Two Types of Buzz

InsideHook: A Politely Passionate Defense of Canadian Whisky

SeriousEats: A Comprehensive Guide to Cocktail Jiggers

Foodism: Learning to Love the Caesar

Wine Enthusiast: What are Bottled in Bond Spirits?

Food & Wine: Better Your Martini with Shochu

The Toronto Star: Welcome to Aperitivo Season

Food & Wine: What's the Difference Between Aperitif and Digestif?

Food & Wine: A New Wave of Drinks are Taking On Big Soda — And Winning

The Toronto Star: Beer for the Greener Good

Food & Wine: The Boilermaker will Outlast Us All

Food & Wine: The 3-Martini Lunch Can Come Back Now



Food & Wine: The Best International Bars

The Toronto Star: In Armenia, Ancient History and Modern Cool Coexist

Maxim: This Mexican Hotel Boasts a Speakeasy and Hidden Bar

Canada's 100 Best Restaurants: Kenta Takahashi Profile

The Toronto Star: I Found Serenity in the Gorgeous Hawaii of Europe

SevenFifty Daily: Why More Resorts are Investing in High-End Beverage Programs

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DuJour: How to Spend a Weekend in Curacao

Canada's 100 Best Restaurants: Casa Paco Review

The Toronto Star: How to Add More Art to an Itinerary

The Toronto Star: The South Okanagan Holds One of Canada’s Most Exciting, and Unusually Inclusive, Wine Region

The Toronto Star: An Insider’s Guide to Charleston

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