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Kate Dingwall



By day, I'm a seasoned writer and photographer
covering the intersection between spirits, wine, business, culture and travel.

By night I'm a working sommelier. I've spent the last ten years weaving together tales of terroir, place, people, and culture. My work currently appears in
Wine Enthusiast, Forbes, Food & Wine, MAXIM, Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants,,
SevenFifty Daily, The Toronto Star, Toronto Life,
and more. I'm always open to pitches and new commissions, and can be reached out


Wine Enthusiast: As Climate change Drives Up Temperatures, Winemakers Climb Higher

SevenFifty Daily: Why Winemakers are Battling Extreme Terroirs

Wine Enthusiast: What Gen Z Actually Thinks About Wine, According to Gen Z

Wine Enthusiast: A New Generation of Women Is Taking Over Historic Italian Winemakers

The Vintner Project: A Vibe Check on Merlot

Elle: Interested in Orange Wine? Here are 8 Bottles to Wine You Over
Maxim: Wine of the Week (Column)

SevenFifty Daily: Why Winemakers are Split on the Benefits of Concrete Eggs

The Toronto Star: What to Explore Under-the-Radar Wineries? Consider the Indie Vintners of Quebec

Wine Enthusiast: ‘Hope is Not a Strategy’: This Year’s Silicon Valley Bank Report Delivers Some Hard Truths

Elle: Non-Alcoholic Wine is Here to Stay

Wine Enthusiast: Regenerative Certifications are Booming Right Now. Are They Worth It?

SOMM: How to Pair Wine with Spicy Food

InsideHook: We’re in the Golden Age of Boxed Wine (Seriously)

The Vintner Project: What Does California Chardonnay Even Mean?

SOMM: The Mystical and Mountainous Priorat Wine Region

SevenFifty Daily: Valle de Guadalupe’s Groundbreaking Winemakers are Passing the Baton

Wine Enthusiast: Amidst Wildfires, White Pinot Noir Emerges as Savior in Oregon and British Columbia

InsideHook: The Strange Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Beaujolais Nouveau

Wine Enthusiast: Why Napa Green’s Glyphosate Ban is Such a Big Deal

The Vintner Project: This Historic California Grape is Getting a New Lease on Life

SOMM: Barolos and Blockchains: Fine Wine is Embracing Big Tech

InsideHook: These Lab-Grown Grapes Could Be the Future of American Wine


Cocktails, Beer, and Other Nice Drinks

Food & Wine: The Savory Cocktail is Dominating Menus

SevenFifty Daily: Why More Resorts are Investing in High-End Beverage Programs

Food & Wine: Brace Yourself for the Jell-O Shot Revolution Bartenders are Embracing Hard Seltzer

The Toronto Star: Toronto’s Latest Soft Drinks are Craft-Brewed and Local

Toronto Life: Toronto Bars are Giving Sangria a Glow Up

Food & Wine: Let’s Give Rum the Spotlight it Deserves The New Rules to Spicy Drinks

Food & Wine: These Gins Taste Just Like Canada (print!)

Alchemist: The Ever-Flowing Better

The Toronto Star: This Prince Edward County Cidery Making Forward-Thinking Ciders

Worth: Drinking Green Doesn’t Just Mean Chartreuse

Toronto Life: The City’s New Coffee Cocktails Offer Two Types of Buzz

InsideHook: A Politely Passionate Defense of Canadian Whisky

SeriousEats: A Comprehensive Guide to Cocktail Jiggers

Foodism: Learning to Love the Caesar

Wine Enthusiast: What are Bottled in Bond Spirits?

Food & Wine: Better Your Martini with Shochu

The Toronto Star: Welcome to Aperitivo Season

Food & Wine: A New Wave of Drinks are Taking On Big Soda — And Winning

The Toronto Star: Beer for the Greener Good

Food & Wine: The Boilermaker will Outlast Us All

Food & Wine: The 3-Martini Lunch Can Come Back Now



Food & Wine: The Best International Bars

The Toronto Star: In Armenia, Ancient History and Modern Cool Coexist

Maxim: This Mexican Hotel Boasts a Speakeasy and Hidden Bar

The Toronto Star: I Found Serenity in the Gorgeous Hawaii of Europe

SevenFifty Daily: Why More Resorts are Investing in High-End Beverage Programs

Food & Wine: The Best Hotel Bars

The Toronto Star: Bordeaux Travel for Gourmands

DuJour: How to Spend a Weekend in Curacao

The Toronto Star: How to Add More Art to an Itinerary

The Toronto Star: The South Okanagan Holds One of Canada’s Most Exciting, and Unusually Inclusive, Wine Region

The Toronto Star: An Insider’s Guide to Charleston

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